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Outlaws EITD Twisted Mind Prologue :iconkazwako:Kazwako 1 0
Outlaws EITD book 2 notes cc2
Prologue EITD Notes cc2
Me: come on guys, help me out here, where do we start
Kaz: Well all your prologes have had some element of danger
Fighting tutor: A small room with small time bad guy, when they find the room and about to go in that can be the prologue and the can be the sequence of events to
Me: i don't do teasers
Fighting tutor: What about the love thing between bill and Kaz
Me: wrong type of danger element
Bill: How would Kaz react to that?
Kaz: Kill you obviously. People who befriend me end up dead. you fall in love with me i'll kill you before someone else gets a chance to.
Priestley: Nicely Kaz, walk him nicely back to the friend zone he's trying to escape from
Me: We are getting off topic. Prologue think!
Black Ghost: Last prologue, you had me with a victim, prologues before allways featured the main bad guy events in one way or another. Stick with that.
John: I hate to say it, but he's right. We have to go with the BG in one way or another.
Darius: You said you wanted it
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 0 0
Outlaws EITD book 2 notes cc1
Outlaws EITD CC1 - Priestley
Me: (in my head with all my ocs. Imagine a round table) okay guys settle down. yes the last story went great but gran says she wants the next one - my life is on the line here. I've made a rough plot line, thoughts?
Priestley: I take it i'm not having to big a art in this one.
Me: No, but you still need to maintain a strong presence, Ideas?
Priestley:... nope, nothing coming
Matt chuckles: typical.
Leaning back, John placed his feet on the table: We just need to make sure Priest gets the respect he deserves. When he goes to say something people need to shut up and listen. And if Kaz continues to show his weakness for him.
Kaz: It's not weakness.
Everyone else: yes it is.
Me: you are stronger when you are together
Priestley: And in there the question is answered. So long as the story shows that Kaz is stronger when i'm there and I have influence in what i say and how i say it and how people respond, we shouldn't have a problem.
Matt: We could throw in a comm
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 1 0
Outlaws EITD book 2 notes
Outlaws Echoes in the Dark book 2 notes
Good guy plot line notes:
Kaz and Priestley training america
Ruth graduates
They all get together at dojo
Priestley goes back to america to spend some time with sister
Kaz spends time with triplets
Triplets discover kaz can parkour
Join temas to find out who was stonewalling the dojo and why
Small time bad guy connected to the black ghost and building in manchester
They go to the building in manchester to find bad guy base and see what the game is
climax in manchester building with that event with matt being knocked off the roof and kaz stuck between a rock and hard place
Priestley gets back
that room is discovered and he asks her not to go in it
steven takes her downstairs
she talks to the survivor
a message has been left for her
reunion - ruth has been pestering her throughout the book to dress up for it
Priestleys brought his family back for the reunion
Kaz asks chany for help
Bad guy plot notes
He's still kidnapping girls - twisted mind break
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 2 0
Outlaws EITD Chapter 21 Hard Choices
One week later
“I can’t remember the last time you got shot, John,” Matt said kicking back in his chair.
John moved uncomfortably on his hospital bed; “it was,” he paused. “sometime before I became Govner of Eshish Lamort. After that I learnt to dodge the bullets, it hurt way too much. It was Priestley’s fault, he was supposed to be watching my back.”
“You told me your ass was fine and I was to concentrate on the job at hand if I remember rightly.”
“My ass was fine,” John argued. “It’s my back that took the bullet.”
Kaz chuckled and leant against the wall, folding her arms across her chest. John turned his attention to her;
“How are you doing then?”
Kaz shrugged in response; ”Fine”
“No, you’re not, girl.” John shook his head. “I saw the look in your eyes that night. You were going to kill him.”
“If I recall, you told me to ‘d
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 2 0
Outlaws EITD Chapter 20 The Black Ghost
BG: And the device?
Martin: Also, lost to spec ops. Brull, Dorn and Ja all under heavy guard.
BG: Disappointed. When you get them out in six months I expect you to put forth all your effort to bring the device back into our hands. If you fail I expect you to enlist the Angel to make us the same device. I do not expect failure, any further mistakes will be dealt with harshly.
BG has logged out
“I guess that means he doesn’t want us breaking them out till the end of those six months,” Marcus guessed after reading the screen.
“If this guy was as ruthless as Wu, we’d probably be dead,” Martin observed. “If he’d have let us kill that bitch…” he trailed off.
“In the meantime, Martin,” Marcus straightened up. “We have work to do, organising this rabble. Let’s show them how to really make cash.”
Martin closed the laptop and stood up, his eyes surveying the work going on around them. The people walk
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 3 0
Mature content
Outlaws EITD Chapter 19 We're better then that :iconkazwako:Kazwako 2 0
Mature content
Outlaws EITD: Chapter 18 The Angel of Death :iconkazwako:Kazwako 2 0
Chapter 17: Forest Haven
“Is this it?” Kaz asked, looking at the view through the bare trees.
In front of them a complex the size of a small village lay strewn, nature attempting to reclaim the old red bricks. Branches that would normally hold ivy hung lifelessly from the building, the cold breeze picking them up ever so slightly then letting them fall against the dark building once more.
Priestley turned his torch off as a car approached and they all fell into darkness once more.
“Probably Hawke,” John said quietly.
Still, they waited quietly in the trees till a buzzing made them all look at Kaz. Puzzled Kaz pulled her phone out of her pocket.
“You here yet?” The voice said down the phone.
“Hawke? How’d you get this number?”
“Not important, you here yet?”
“Yeah, was that you pulling up on the right of the administrative building.”
“I drove round it tourist style, just getting a quick overview. I’m in a mixed grey truck i
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 4 0
Outlaws EITD: Chapter 16, The Chat Room
On the discord channel, three hours later.
Martin has logged in.
Brull has logged in.
Pollo has logged in.

Pollo: No bodies Martin. Or is it a cover up?
Martin: They got out the building before the boom, lucky sods. I shot Priestley down but he must have had protection. The bitch was too damn quick.
Brull: Probably for the best, BG wants her alive.
Pollo: Mistake.
Angel D has logged in.
Martin: The fireworks were nice though.
Angel D: My pleasure. But fireworks, I take it, is not what you hunted me down for.
BG has logged in.
BG: Update.
Pollo: Angel D, meet the boss.
Angel D: What do you need from me BG?
BG: You had dealings with Wu?
Angel D: Maybe.
BG: He commissioned a bomb of expanding proportions.
Angel D: To put it mildly.
BG: Was you successful?
Angel D: You offering to buy?
BG: Name your price.
Angel D: We can do business. I’ve sent you an invite, come to my office.
Angel D has logged out.
BG has logged out.

“Damn,” Colin cursed.
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 2 0
Outlaws EITD: Chapter 15. The Man of Many faces
The safe house was quiet as Kaz and Colin worked steadily through the pictures, Colin dissecting the pictures through the laptop while Kaz finished writing profiles on those they had information on. Putting the last sheet down she picked up one of the blown-up printouts with the woman on it.
“Can we zoom in on that?” Kaz asked, indicating the laptop in the picture.
Checking what photo she was looking at Colin pulled it up on his own laptop and adjusted some settings, but as they got closer it pixelated.
“Looks like a chat room of sorts,” he said, as he attempted to clear the picture up. “I can make out the word ‘discord’. There may have been someone at the meeting that we don’t have in the images.”
“She said something about a report.”
“A boss man?” Colin mused as he continued to clear the image up. He shook his head. “I can’t do it here. But, I can send a request to our guys back home to clear the
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 3 0
Chapter 14: Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

Priestley crouched by a nearby wall as he watched the firemen control the fire, one hand rubbing his chest, which felt like it had been hit with a baseball bat several times over, the other clutching his rucksack which he found himself very relieved to have on him. As it was, the case on his laptop had been damaged by shrapnel that had torn through the bag, that it hadn’t been blasted to smithereens was a relief.
Another car arrived on the scene, a diplomatic car, Priestley tensed up. Hawke got out of the vehicle and went straight to the leading officer on the scene, flashed a badge and began asking questions. Priestley watched him for a while longer before making his decision and heading into the back allies, still rubbing his chest under the vest, walking under the knowledge that he would now be dead if he hadn’t been wearing it.
Shouldering his rucksack, he pulled out his phone and hesitated. Last time he’d called Kaz he’d gi
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 3 0
Battle on the Home-Front
Dr Sades & Nex
Battle on the Home-front.
“Gordon, get your group together,” Basil said, in a commanding tone as he entered the room. “We’re going on a hunt to replenish some supplies.”
“Good,” Nex growled over the top of his cards. “I’m in.”
“No,” Basil said firmly. “Sorry Nex, you need to let that leg heal.”
“The leg is fine,” Nex argued back as he placed his set down. The table around him moaned at the winning hand and threw their own cards down in turn. “I can hunt.”
“Those wolves took a chunk out of you and you’re still limping. You’ll slow us down.” Basil said, as he left the room making it clear his word was final.
As the room emptied Nex looked moodily at the overdone wolf meat they’d been playing for, his appetite gone he kicked the table over and, picking up his axe in his one arm, strode into the area where everyone was gathering
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 2 6
Outlaws EITD: Chapter 13 Boom
“So, what happened?” Priestley asked, down the phone, as he got out of the car with Kaz.
“You gave the gig up yourself, Priest,” Matt replied. “by calling at two am. It didn’t matter what story I tried to run by her she knew I was lying. That’s when she got me by the balls, so to speak.”
Priestley winced, knowing just how good Scarlet could be at dragging something out of you if she was determined enough. “Sean didn’t come to your aid?”
“We just got some paperwork through approving the extension, finally, so he was making some calls to get the team back together. By the time he realised something was up, Scarlet was already dialling your number.”
“How much did you tell her?”
“Just that Kaz was missing. So, she’s alright?”
“She’s with me now, we’re just heading into to Zita’s café for a proper meal.” Priestley replied as he held the door open for
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 3 0
Outlaws EITD: Chapter 12 Dark Plans
Pollo: The team is back together, and in one piece.
BG: What of the Angel of Death?
Pollo: J is putting out a series of feelers even as we speak. I believe, now we know how, it should be easy to locate him. Should be in contact in the next few hours.
BG: And the bitch?
Pollo: Unsure of her current whereabouts, Priestley filed a missing person report.
BG: He’ll be out hunting for her then.
Pollo: Are you sure you want her alive. It would be easier to kill her.
BG: Easier, but not as much fun.
Pollo: If she gets in the way again.
BG: I want her alive. I don’t care about Priestley, you may dispose of him, but the bitch is mine.
Pollo: Understood.
When we make contact with the Angel of Death…?
BG: Put him in direct contact with myself. I will explain what it is we need.
Pollo: You think he is capable of the challenge.
BG: he was going to do the same thing for the Eagles was he not?
Pollo: I wasn’t privy to the full plans, but I believe it was something of the sor
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 3 0
Outlaws EITD: Chapter 11 Open Discussion
The canteen was on one of the higher floors and it seemed to take up the bulk of it. Mr Clim led them to a table where a young man was placing a tray of snacks in the way of sugary donuts and cakes.
Priestley sat down his eyes still on Clim, and Kaz sat beside him.
“You wanted coffee, Kaz,” Mr Clim, offered as he poured a cup out from a coffee pot. “We have the good stuff here.”
Kaz accepted it, but waited till he’d poured himself some and drank a bit before taking a sip. Priestley poured his own and sat back in his chair, his eyes sweeping the room, settling on two who had just entered.
Hawke sat at the table and helped himself to a chocolatey looking donut as he gestured to the young waiter.
“Your usual, Hawke?” He smiled, then with a respectful nod at Spartan disappeared through another door.
Spartan sat at the table.
“Well met, Kaz, and Priestley,” he said silkily. “Indeed, this will probably be the only time we ever meet
:iconkazwako:Kazwako 3 0


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1 page story
A written piece of whatever you would like, 1 page long (Microsoft word, 12 point, single spacing)
See written piece 'Two Privates at Sea' for an example.
Will write anything but romance and erotica.
2 page story
Same as above but with 2 pages worth
3 page story
Same as 1 page but with 3 pages of fun
if you wish for more, please note me.


And you can buy it here!

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